Information Security Training Introduction

Information Security is one of the hottest fields in the IT industry offering opportunities for career advancement and interesting work that encourages life long learning. The Information Security field is also less prone to being outsourced vs. many other IT functions due to the sensitivity of the role and governmental regulations such as ITAR making it a more stable career choice.

Information Security jobs cover the spectrum from entirely technical roles to managerial roles that interact with executives at the highest level of the company. This variability in job requirements allows you to participate in the information security industry whether you continue down a technical track if you prefer to be hands on with the technology or a managerial track if you prefer to set strategic direction.

Information Security Training is a key component in your growth as either a technical or managerial professional in the industry. Information Security is a fast changing field that must keep up with industry changes and regular training is an important way to stay on top of it all. Information Security training is also instrumental in supporting goals to gain industry certifications to increase your knowledge and maximize your earning potential.

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